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We will improve and develop the auditing of public contracts performance, and commit to standardise the format of data of public call for tenders and encourage increased publicity of awarded public tenders to foster transparency on public procurement

Country: France

Status: ongoing

Themes: Public procurement

Last updated: October 2019


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    Transparency is still a pilar of French regulation on public procurement. Since 2017, France was active in the C5 initiative, e-invoicing is now mandatory (which can foster better audit efficiency), France has committed to create a unified data-flow on data.gouv.fr. In addition, a positive dynamic can be observed at subnational/regional level on public procurement transparency and open data (although heterogeneous). However, thresholds allowing over-the-counter public procurement are expected to be raised, which will call for some vigilance if confirmed. Generally speaking, many laws were passed recently, that still need to be evaluated.

    Updated: October 30, 2019

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