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International Anti-Corruption Coordination Centre

We support the establishment of an International Anti-Corruption Coordination Centre to be managed by National Crimes Agency, UK. We will work with NCA in promoting this centre in the African region.

Country: Nigeria

Status: ongoing

Themes: Law enforcement

Last updated: October 2018


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October 2018 update: The African Union leaders resolved at their 31st summit which held on the 6th of July 2018 to establish the African peer Review Mechanism and the Advisory Board on Corruption. It remains to be seen if tangible policy action follows.

June 2018 update: There are number of exchanges with law enforcement authorities in UK, USA, UEA, etc. However, no discussion is underway to set up the International Anti-corruption Centre. Nigeria has still been suspended from the Egmont group and in September 2018 the Egmont group will decide if Nigeria will be expelled indefinitely.

Nigeria's Commitments
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