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We commit to the strengthening of our asset recovery legislation, including through non-conviction based confiscation powers and the introduction of unexplained wealth orders

Country: Nigeria

Status: underway

Themes: Asset recovery

Last updated: October 2018


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October 2018 update: The proceeds of crime bill 2014 passed the second reading in the senate on Wednesday May 17 2017 and has been referred to the committee on judiciary, human rights and legal matters. The bill in its current form stipulates crucial legal and institutional arrangements for managing asset recovery in Nigeria, and employing the non-conviction based asset forfeiture approach. The judiciary complains about operational difficulties and lack of training in the application of the legal framework

June 2018 update: Crucial Proceeds of Crime Bill 2014 has not been passed into Law despite repeated assurances of political commitment. Unexplained Wealth Order is not being discussed at all. Non-conviction based approaches are present in the legal framework and are occasionally used despite the complains from judges that the legislative provision is not clear.

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