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Open Contracting in Health

We will apply the Open Contracting Data Standard to the following major projects – (ii) Building of Health Centres and Improvement of Health Services;

Country: Nigeria

Status: ongoing

Themes: Public procurement

Last updated: December 2020


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  • 6 Evidence:

    Nigeria Open Contracting Portal

    BPP Unveils e-Government Procurement System

    PPDC urges FG to ensure full implementation of open contracting

    PPDC urges FG to ensure full implementation of open contracting

    Federal Govt. urged to comply with open contracting data standards Esp. in the Health sector.

    Bureau of Public Procurement

  • 3 Notes:

    The portal contains information (Project title, contractor, sum, funding source, completion period, status and items) on COVID-19 emergency procurements by the Ministry of Interior, Federal Ministry of Health and Federal Ministry of Environment.

    All other information on health procurement were published within the period under review but for contract procurements from 2016 to 2019.

    Updated: October 31, 2020

    The Bureau for Public Procurement has released specific guidelines for procurement on Covid19 tenders, and directs the bidders to the NOCOPO platforms, to upload their applications. NOCOPO is Nigeria's official public procurement site. The commitment has been switched from complete to ongoing because the online procurement platform often experiences technical issues (e.g. it was down in the month of April this year) so we wanted to continue assessing every 6-months to ensure it is kept functioning.This requires to be addressed for this website to be a working platform effective and useful enough for government departments to upload the required data and for citizens and companies to be able to access it.

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    Updated: April 30, 2020

    October 2018 update: The Bureau for Public Procurement has developed the Nigerian Open Contracting Portal (NOCOPO) and preparing to carry put a Pilot. No clarity on infrastructure in health sector contracting has been achieved, yet.

    June 2018 update: There has been no development on the Open Data Contracting in building health centres.

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