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Protecting Whistleblowers

The UK is committed to providing effective protections for whistleblowers and made recent legislative changes to make the system more transparent. The UK will review the effectiveness of these changes

Country: UK

Status: no data

Themes: Whistleblower/civil society space protection

Last updated: October 2018


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October 2018 update: We have not seen any evidence that this is progressing (or evidence that it isn't), but the Anti-Corruption Strategy gives us a deadline for this commitment of 31 December 2019 and tells us which regulations are to be reviewed.

June 2018 update: The UK's Anti-Corruption Strategy 2017-22 states that in 2018/19 the UK will 'Review in 2018/19 the recent changes to the whistle-blowing framework, as introduced by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013'

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