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Reporting Corruption

Ghana is strengthening the necessary legislative and other measures to enhance the capacity of the public/citizens and encourage them to report corruption without fear of victimization, and commits to: · improve and extend the recently established Citizens complaints Centre in Accra to other regions of the country

Country: Ghana

Status: ongoing

Themes: Whistleblower/civil society space protection

Last updated: December 2020


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  • 6 Evidence:

    Helpline of Hope

    Witness protection law passed

    Witness Protection Bill 2017 at second reading

    Ghana enhances fight against corruption with passage of Witness Protection Law

    Ghana Gazette Vol. 2018 No. 111

    Launch of the HelpLine of Hope Call Centre

  • 5 Notes:

    This pledge is still regarded as ongoing even though the law has been passed since 2006 and a Witness Protection Act was passed in 2018, little is being done by way of enhancing knowledge of the laws and protection given to persons committed to fighting corruption by reporting acts of corruption witnessed or are victims of. Therefore, apathy and fear of retribution continue to militate against citizens’ involvement in the fight against corruption. The Citizens Complaints Centres promised was set up under the previous government whose tenure of office came to an end in 2016. Despite the setting up of a Helpline of Hope Call Centre, which takes complaints related to crime in general and not specific to corruption, the new government who took over in 2017 did not continue with the centre and worse of all did not establish any in the regions as promised.

    Updated: October 31, 2020

    The Witness Protection Bill was passed on June 26, 2018. The Law that establishes a Witness Protection Agency and protects victims, experts and their families against retaliation, was an incredible step for the country, which did not have any laws of this nature prior to this moment. However, as per the latest update, the Agency along with more Citizens Complaints Centres around the country, have not yet been created. There is more to be done to really ensure the protection of witnesses and victims of crime in Ghana.

    Updated: April 30, 2020

    Witness Protection law passed.

    Updated: October 31, 2018

    The Witness Protection Bill has been relaid and read for the first time in Parliament on 24th January, 2018. This has become necessary because a new parliament - the 7th Parliament of the 4th Republic was constituted after the 2016 general elections.

    Updated: July 31, 2017

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