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Case Study

Creating Political Momentum for Pledges in Jordan

In Jordan, Rasheed (Transparency International Jordan) are seeking the creation of a national Jordanian integrity system in order to fulfil commitments made at summits including the Open Government Partnership and the London 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit as well as obligations under Sustainable Development Goals.

The focus of much of Rasheed’s project work has been creating political momentum around the commitments, establishing and working with a Government agency to drive implementation (the Jordanian Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission), identifying and notifying  relevant  government  agencies  of  the  existence  of  the  commitments,  elaborating  and reaching consensus with civil society and government as to what progress looks like, encouraging ministries to report on their progress and using the pledge tracker to publicise the results.

Rasheed have made good headway on mobilising government actors given the newness of the commitments to government agencies. Their longer-term objective is to help prompt completion of at least three of Jordan’s pledges and to move forward on five others to being categorised as either ‘ongoing’ or ‘underway’.



§  The simple process of engaging in discussions with the government about specific advocacy asks can create awareness on themes that were not in the government’s agenda previously. This is a crucial step, as departments might not be aware that these commitments have been made in the first place.

§  Taking the time to produce a comprehensive monitoring process with detailed metrics of what success looks like facilitates engagement with government in the future, as the latter know what accountability actually means.



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