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Case Studies

Creating Political Momentum for Pledges in Jordan

In Jordan, Rasheed (Transparency International Jordan) are seeking the creation of a national Jordanian integrity system in order to fulfil commitments made at summits including the Open Government Partnership and the London 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit as well as obligations under Sustainable Development Goals. The focus of much of Rasheed’s project work has been creating political […]

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Advocating for a Public Register of the Beneficial Owners of Overseas Companies that Own or Buy Property in the UK

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE REGISTER The UK’s property market is a prime destination for the corrupt and other criminals to launder their stolen wealth. Using an anonymous shell company registered overseas, these individuals can purchase luxury property in the UK with the proceeds of their crimes, away from the prying eyes of journalists, politicians, law […]

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Raising Public Awareness on Anti-Corruption in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA AND THE LONDON SUMMIT COMMITMENTS At the London Anti-Corruption Summit in 2016, the South African government committed to developing a National Anti-Corruption Strategy and supporting an implementation plan. The government also pledged to engage the public on the proposals contained in the strategy. SOUTH AFRICA’S NATIONAL ANTI-CORRUPTION STRATEGY Corruption Watch is a civil […]

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Increasing Protection for Victims and Whistleblowers in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA AND THE LONDON SUMMIT COMMITMENTS The Government of Sri Lanka made five pledges to combat corruption at the 2016 London Anti-Corruption Summit. In order to monitor and create awareness of the three most concrete pledges, Transparency International Sri Lanka (TI Sri Lanka) developed an online tracker. The Chapter has also conducted advocacy on […]

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