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Access to Domestic Law Enforcement

We commit to ensuring that national law enforcement agencies and financial intelligence unit have full and effective access to beneficial ownership information for companies and other legal entities registered within their jurisdiction.

Country: Russia

Status: inactive

Themes: Beneficial ownership

Last updated: December 2020


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    No updates on the topic on financial intelligence web site

    USRLE – Federal companies registry

    FATF mutual evaluation

    "Lawyers do not want to inform on their clients" - Beneficial Ownership Reform

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    The Russian Federation has a companies’ registry called USRLE that contains the information of legal entities as legislated by Article 6 of the Federal Law on State Registration of Legal Entities. However, unless the shareholders (excluding stock companies) are listed in full, this does not always represent an accurate repository of Beneficial Ownership (BO) information. As explained in the 2019 FATF mutual evaluation, despite some effort in improving the accuracy of legal entities information, there are still a number limitation in accessing national and foreign BO information in Russia. Even thou the FATF report states that Russian authorities may request and easily obtain legal entities info and BO information from FIs and DNFBPs, these are not always collected and accurate because there are challenges in the understanding of BO definition and implementation of BO requirements. The current situation in relation to collection and sharing of BO information underlines a lack of political will to strengthen the Beneficial Ownership Transparency framework in Russia, which in turn limits the operations of Russian authorities in tackling corruption.

    Updated: October 31, 2020

    No visible changes neither in law nor law enforcement in this area. The responsible agency has not answered to information request.

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    Updated: April 30, 2020

    No evidence of any news on the commitment; the competent authority did not respond to information request.

    Updated: October 30, 2019

    TI Russia has been conducting advocacy around this commitment, the attached evidence argues that " The state should ensure the implementation of the due diligence principle, because professional intermediaries are obliged to verify who the ultimate beneficiary is on the part of their client. It does not follow from the document that after verification, customer data will be transferred to the regulator".

    Updated: May 30, 2019

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