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Accountable Repatriation

Bulgaria commits to providing technical assistance and expertise on asset recovery and welcomes international cooperation on transparent and accountable management of returned assets.

Country: Bulgaria

Status: ongoing

Themes: Asset recovery

Last updated: October 2018


Concrete: Concrete | New: Somewhat New | Ambitious: Other


October 2018 update: No change since spring 2018.

June 2018 update: CIAF participates in a number European and international networks dealing with confiscation of illegal assets, including CARIN, SIENA, ARO platform, ECAB, MONEYVAL committee, etc. Representatives of the Commission continuously participate in bilateral and multilateral meetings and events. Detailed information on international cooperation have been provided in the CIAF's activity reports for 2016 year (p. 35) and for 2017 (p. 31).

Bulgaria's Commitments
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