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Automatic Exchange of Information

As one of the signatories of the G5 initiative, Spain is fully committed in the development of the pilot initiative for automatic exchange of beneficial ownership information

Country: Spain

Status: complete

Themes: Beneficial ownership

Last updated: December 2020


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  • 4 Evidence:

    Commitment 6 as outlined by the Spanish Government - Pilot Initiative of G5

    Letter of the Pilot Initiative Agreement between France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Germany

    UK leads European calls for G20 action on beneficial ownership

    G5 to pilot beneficial ownership information exchange

  • 3 Notes:

    Spain joined the G5 initiative for the automatic exchange of information with France, Italy, the UK and Germany right after the London Anti-Corruption Summit in 2016. It is however unclear whether this automatic exchange is still going on and what exactly resulted from this initiative.

    Updated: October 31, 2020

    Spain contributed to the Pilot initiative and continues to be part of the G5.

    Updated: April 30, 2020

    No change since 2017.

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