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Central Register

We commit to exploring interoperability of different data bases regarding public contracts information and business registries.

Country: Mexico

Status: underway

Themes: Beneficial ownership

Last updated: October 2018


Concrete: Somewhat Concrete | New: Other | Ambitious: Other


October 2018 update: The Ministry of Public Affairs (Secretaria de la Función Pública) created a sub- working group on beneficial ownership.

July 2017 update: The installation of the Alliance for Open Contracting in Mexico (Alianza para las Contrataciones Abiertas en Méxcio) aims to implement the Open Contracting Data Standard (in it's Mexican adaptation) in public contracting. The implementation of the standard implies interconnectivity with other databases. Additionally, conversations have started regarding beneficial ownership registers, such as the seminary "Technical Considerations for the Development of a Beneficial Ownership Registry", which aimed to identify international experiences regarding the subject which could be applied for a registry in Mexico. No change since 2017.

Mexico's Commitments
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