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Commodities Trading Transparency

Supporting voluntary disclosures through EITI reporting​and by some major companies regarding payments to governments for the sale of oil, gas and minerals.

Country: Afghanistan

Status: ongoing

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Last updated: December 2020


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    Afghanistan Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative Reconciliation Reports.

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    Building on a decade of EITI implementation and conventional EITI reporting covering ten fiscal years, the Afghanistan EITI MSG has joined the EITI’s pilot on developing alternative approaches to EITI reporting. This inception report lays out the proposed approach to EITI reporting to be followed in the production of the 7th AEITI Report, covering fiscal years 1397-1398 (21 December 2017 - 20 December 2019), in accordance with the Terms of Reference for the 7th AEITI Report approved by the MSG on 20 July 2020. It is suggested that the disclosures in the 7th AEITI Report be presented in thematic clusters that provide an improved narrative context, while being based on the 2019 EITI Standard. This thematic approach will be structured to focus on making progress towards the objectives of the 2020 AEITI work plan, including strengthening multi-stakeholder oversight of the extractive industries, improving the transparency and accountability of extractive industry governance, and empowering citizens to oversee the use of the country’s natural resources. Thus, the proposal is for the 7th AEITI Report to move from a review of the contribution of the extractive industries’ contribution to the national economy to issues of revenue management, revenue collection, state participation, production and exports, licensing, the legal and fiscal environment, company ownership and to sub-national contributions.

    Updated: October 31, 2020

    Afghanistan has published 6th Afghanistan EITI report.

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