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Debarment Database

New Zealand will explore establishing an accessible and central database of companies with final convictions for bribery and corruption offences, and ways of sharing information on corrupt bidders across borders.

Country: New Zealand

Status: complete

Themes: Public procurement

Last updated: October 2018


Concrete: Somewhat Concrete | New: New | Ambitious: Not Ambitious


October 2018 update: Agencies have not provided formal advice on centralising this information into an accessible database. However, officials’ preliminary exploration suggests that there is likely to be little benefit in establishing such a database. New Zealand has not convicted a company of bribery of corruption and, as such, there is no information for New Zealand to put in such a register at present. Overseas countries and civil society may, therefore, be better placed to establish registers in relation to overseas convictions that could then be shared with New Zealand. "We have given consideration to this issue, and the provisional view is that it is not a tangible benefit in proceeding with it at this stage. Given the commitment is to “explore”, not to implement, our view is that this commitment could arguably be assessed as having been completed."

June 2018: It is unclear whether progress has been made to explore this initiative as the action taken refers to existing information initiatives on websites. There does not appear to be any concrete action to explore the possibility of a central database.

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