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Bulgaria commits to uncovering, seizing and returning the proceeds of corruption to their legitimate owners. Bulgaria’s Commission for the Withdrawal of Criminal Assets has gained strength and considerable experience in recovering and confiscating illicit proceeds and will benefit from its proposed inclusion in a new powerful Anti-corruption Bureau proposed under the Draft Corruption Prevention and Confiscation of Criminal Assets Act. The draft Law focuses on cases of unexplained wealth and allows for the reversal of burden of proof.

Country: Bulgaria

Status: ongoing

Themes: Asset recovery

Last updated: October 2018


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October 2018 update: No change since spring 2018

June 2018 update: In early 2018 the new anti-corruption law (Prevention of Corruption and Forfeiture of Illegal Assets Act) has been adopted and a new Commission for prevention of corruption and forfeiture of illegal assets established. This new body merges the former Asset Forfeiture Commission (CIAF), the former Conflict of Interests Commission, the former Centre for Prevention and Fight against Corruption and Organised Crime, and departments of the National Audit Office and the State Agency for National Security being in charge in prevention of corruption among high public officials. The law changes the structure and management model of the listed bodies, but does not upgrade the confiscation system. The amount of actually collected assets remains low. The only improvement worth to mention is the regulation for allocation of 30% of confiscated assed for social purposes, however the exact mechanism is yet to be set.

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