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Open Contracting Data Standard

Working towards phased implementation of the principles of the Open Contracting Data Standard​, focusing on major projects as an early priority

Country: Afghanistan

Status: ongoing

Themes: Public procurement

Last updated: October 2018


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October 2018 update: National Procurement Authority completed the development of a platform that contains OCDS standards on information disclosure. The platform was launched on August 8, 2018.

July 2017 update: The National Procurement Authority of Afghanistan has signed a trilateral agreement with Open Contracting Partnership-OCP and Integrity Watch Afghanistan-IWA to implement OCDS in Afghanistan. With the technical support of OCP, NPA has managed to complete the first draft of field level mapping and systems mapping in accordance with the OCP guidelines. Furthermore, all the data points of the five stages of Open Contracting Data Standards-OCDS have been considered to be captured in Afghanistan’s procurement systems. In addition to the major data points of OCDS, NPA has managed to establish a comprehensive Contract Progress Monitoring System for the fifth stage of OCDS i.e. contract implementation. At this stage all the required information is being published about above threshold projects in NPA’s website. Furthermore, the OCP and World Bank-WB’s joint mission visited Afghanistan from 14th July 2017, till 23rd July 2017 to conduct the initial Open Contracting Assessment in Afghanistan. Through this assessment the level of contract openness will be assessed in both the demand and supply sides in the country. The assessment report will be finalized in September 2017 and will provide NPA with specific recommendations for fulfilling Open Contracting Data Standards.

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