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Open Data

Brazil is committed to make data on public procurement open by default, providing usable, timely and shareable information.

Country: Brazil

Status: complete

Themes: Public procurement

Last updated: June 2018


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All the information on public procurement is available in the Transparency Portal of the Federal Government (http://www.transparencia.gov.br) and downloadable in open format (http://www.portaltransparencia.gov.br/downloads/). This information can also be accessed in the Open Data Portal (http://dados.gov.br). The information is updated frequently, in some cases daily. Information is also available in the Government Procurement Portal (Portal de Compras Governamentais - https://www.comprasgovernamentais.gov.br/index.php/painel-de-compras-de-governo) and in open format in the Open Data Portal (http://dados.gov.br/dataset/compras-publicas-do-governo-federal).

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