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Protecting Whistleblowers

We will establish a proactive program of victims and witness protection

Country: Sri Lanka

Status: ongoing

Themes: Whistleblower/civil society space protection

Last updated: April 2020


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    TI Sri Lanka have identified four areas where they hope to see progress on this commitment, which you can see below. Of the 4 Indicators for this theme, 1 Commitment is underway whilst 3 remain incomplete. There have been no recorded developments for this thematic area within the last 6 months. Indicator 1: Funds are allocated to the Fund of the National Authority for Victim and Witness Protection Authority by the Parliament. Indicator 2: The Authority and the Police Division have adequate money and human resources to do their duties and exercise powers given under the Act. Indicator 3: Good quality temporary shelters have been determined and arranged. Indicator 4: Adequate funds have been allocated to the Victims of Crime and Witnesses Assistance and Protection Fund by the parliament. For more detailed information on the state of Whistleblowers protection in Sri Lanka, please take a look at the national pledge tracker, which includes a very detailed analysis of the law.

    Updated: April 30, 2020

    Parliament has referenced 60 million for the year ending 2018 and has allocated 15 million.

    Updated: October 30, 2019

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