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Public Contracting

Bulgaria commits to actively investigating the link between corruption and organised crime. Organised criminals use the proceeds from illicit market activities and contraband to influence the judiciary, law-enforcement, central and local government, and the media in order to facilitate their criminal activities, launder proceeds, or win public contracts for their legal fronts. Profits from public contracts awarded to companies linked to organised crime are used to finance VAT fraud schemes or the illicit trade in excise tax goods or drugs. Seizing the profits of organised criminals and denying access to public contracts of their front companies is key to tackling corruption.

Country: Bulgaria

Status: No data

Themes: Beneficial ownership

Last updated: October 2018


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October 2018 update: No change since spring 2018.

June 2018 update: This is the most important commitment, but so far no particular solution has been proposed, a mechanism is not in place to limit the access of "dirty money" into the public governance process through the public procurement system.

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