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Public Register

Jordan commit to exploring public central registers of company beneficial ownership information.

Country: Jordan

Status: ongoing

Themes: Beneficial ownership

Last updated: April 2020


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    1. Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing law its’ Amendments No. (46) for the year 2007 identified the beneficial owner and mentioned the necessity of relevant government entities to do the maximum effort to identity the beneficial owner of the assets in articles 14 and 6 of the same law. 2. Instructions and regulations related to the Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing law. a. The Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing law instructions for Securities activities for the year 2010. b. Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing instructions for licensed real estate offices for the year 2018. c. Instructions Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing instructions of agencies providing postal services No. 2 of 2018. d. Jordanian Trade Law No. (12) For the year 1966, in which Article (11) stipulates that: “Anyone who advertises in newspapers, bulletins, or any other medium on the place that he established and opened to engage in commercial business is considered a merchant and if the trade does not take a profession familiar to him.” If a person trades under a pseudonym or disguised behind another person, then it is considered a merchant if it is considered the real merchant and the legal implications of this trait. e. Procedures taken by the Companies Control Department to identify and raise awareness beneficial ownership and beneficial owners. The Companies Control Department has a website with a list of national and international the companies operating in Jordan.

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    Updated: April 30, 2020

    The Companies' Control Department has added a special provision on beneficial ownership, reachable on the Companies' Inquiries platform via the Department's official website and to register a company the owner should sign a pledge ensuring that the owner is the real and beneficial owner of the company. The data available as of July 2019 that is displayed through the query portal on the companies’ control department’s website, is the registered owner name, nationality, share amount and nature of ownership.

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    Updated: October 30, 2019

    Rasheed Jordan have been undertaking a Key Performance Indicator report and will be published within the month. It will review the progress made on Jordan's anti-corruption commitments and is seen as a starting point of progress for the government.

    Updated: May 30, 2019

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